Gujarati Literature has rich cultural heritage. It is so enormous that not only Indians but Gujarati, all over the world are proud of it. In this computer age & fast life, people are rather addicted to cable, TV and Video: By and large reading of literature is reduced. Reading of Gujarati literature has become limited. In fact, present trend and fashion is to avail education in English Medium rather than in mother tongue. Considering this situation Mr. Niranjan H Pandya of Dombivli, Mumbai is pleased to present:
“Gurjar Sahityano Jarukho”

Book: Number of Pages - 250
    Nominal Price - Rs.225/- (courier/postage extra)
    Order of minimum 5 books for those from foreign countries (for India)

We had to chase a lot for getting the information of all 850 stalwarts. We took help of many Institutes, Well Wishers, Artists, Their Relatives, Their Friends etc from all corners of nation. There is very big footwork behind existence of this book. Along with time it was all including a constant communications & visits to the various places. Also there was lot of money involved in collection of all this information. The price mentioned is just a printing cost.